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Commentary on the Book of Joel
Father Tadros Y. Malaty


This book like all the other books of the Holy Bible, is addressed personally to you; to read, digest, and live with joy and pleasure.

It is the book of repentance, that grants a continuous spiritual renewal. This book brings us over to the throne of the grace of God, to experience the divine plan for our chastisement, and to enjoy the gift of the Holy Spirit dwelling in us, and working in our life.

The prophet Joel was a contemporary to the attacks of the locusts, and saw how they turned the sky into a dark cloud. Yet by his inner insight, he realized that the sun is behind that cloud; and that God is very compassionate toward His people, even during the most bitter moments of chastisement.

While most of the prophets prophesied about the Person of the Lord Christ, about His attributes and His ministry; Joel concentrated on the gift of the Holy Spirit, Whom the Lord Christ sent on the day of the Pentecost (Joel 2: 29; Acts 2: 16); to transform the wilderness of our hearts into the fruitful paradise of God.

Father Tadros Y. Malaty


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