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Commentary on the Book of Nehemiah
Father Tadros Y. Malaty


The word ‘Nahum’ means "The Comforter". Although several prophets came in a period of pitch spiritual darkness, yet, in the midst of revealing the danger of the ailment of sin, they opened the door of hope by repentance proclaiming its blessings: “Comfort, comfort My people” (Isaiah 40:1).

Nahum’s name came corresponding to his mission as his book presents comfort to the people revealing that, although God allowed for the captivity of the kingdom of Israel to chasten them, yet at the same time He would destroy their enemies who humiliated them, and mocked them and their God.

v Nahum, the comforter of the world, after uttering his words:

“Woe to the bloody city” (Nahum 3:1) he proclaimed: “Behold,

on the mountains, the feet of Him who brings good tidings, who

1 proclaims peace!” (Nahum 1:15) .

St. Jerome

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