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Commentary on the Book of Habakkuk

Fr. Tadros Y. Malaty

The book of Habakkuk, ... concerns the Chaldeans who captivate the people of God, and humiliate them for the sake of their chastisement. The prophet Habakkuk entered into an open and frank debate with God, to ask Him about the secret behind allowing that evil heathen nation to humiliate His people, and not coming to their defense! It is actually the question of all generations: Why would God allow for His children to fall under afflictions through the wicked? And as the prophet was asking with an open heart, God answered him frankly and openly.

This book reveals to us the concept of ‘the word of God’; in that it is not a one-sided talk by God to man; But is rather a two- sided debate of love between God and man; a living and an incessant ‘dialogue’, in which God talks, and man listens; And man talks, and God, lovingly listens. ... The ‘word of God’ is a relationship of true love between God and man.

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