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Commentary on the Book of Malachi
Father Tadros Y. Malaty



The book of Malachi occupies a special position. Representing for the Jews the last book of the Holy Scripture; it is as though it came to present the final divine commandment that includes the goal of the Holy Bible as a whole; where God proclaims to His people in perfect clarity the following points:

  1. God loves them; and equally loves all mankind. For His free love for them does not mean His

    partiality for a certain people on the expense of the rest of mankind.

  2. His utter rejection of their offerings and sacrifices, because of their literality in understanding

    the Law; and that, in their life, they practice their worship of God by a heart that breaks His

    commandment, and refuses the fellowship with Him.

  3. Having erred on all levels: as rulers, priests, and congregation, the only solution for them is

    returning to God; namely, repentance, its door is open before all.

  4. The book ends by the shining of the Sun of Righteousness on all those who sit in the

    darkness; so that whoever wishes, whatever is his race or nationality, can enjoy healing by its wings.

    It is the book of God’s love that knows no partiality; the book of the rich grace of God,

which opens the gates of heaven before all mankind; the book of the return to God, who finds pleasure in anyone who accepts the call to have a fellowship with Him. It is the book of every human soul, who is serious in seeking its salvation.

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