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Commentary on the Book of Zephaniah

Father Tadros Y. Malaty


God in His love for mankind, is preoccupied with every man, as well as with humanity as a whole; wishing to set out of it, an icon of His holy love; qualified for the fellowship in the eternal glories, and for the enjoyment of the incessant heavenly joy.

This icon would not be realized in us, unless we enjoy the holy life, whose way is repentance; namely, the return to the Holy One.

This is the goal of the whole Holy Book; the goal of the divine salvation; and the goal of this book; where God is transfigured as being the jealous holy God; who only chastens to sanctify; in order that man would not mix between his fellowship with God, and his fellowship with evil; which is unacceptable by the Holy One.

God rejoices over the collective repentance. The way He stretches His hands to embrace the whole world as one holy bride; He desires, likewise, to see the believer open his heart to accommodate all his fellow brethren, and the whole humanity, to enjoy the new life in the Lord.

God’s pleasure is, for all nations to be transformed into a pure lip that praises together in one spirit, rejoicing over her Savior God in a perpetual joy, in true freedom.

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