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Commentary on the Book of Haggai
Father Tadros Y. Malaty

Setting the temple of the Lord in Jerusalem, meant the dwelling of God in the midst of His people, reigning on them, sanctifying them, and filling their life with joy and gladness; of which they were deprived for decades in the land of captivity.

Zerubbabel came back from captivity together with 50,000 to rebuild the temple, and to give back to Israel her gladness in the Lord. But, facing resistance, some of them lost their enthusiasm, and everyone got preoccupied with building his own house, leaving the house of the Lord in ruins. This book came to provoke all of them to resume work; As though it is a divine call to every soul to regain in the Lord, her gladness of salvation through the dwelling of the Lord in her, and proclaiming her heart, a temple for the Lord, and her depths, a sanctuary for Him.

It is a divine talk, to admonish the soul, slothful to receive His kingdom inside her, and preoccupied with the things of this life.

Father Tadros Y. Malaty

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