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Commentary on the Book of Genesis
Fr. Tadros Y. Malaty

The Word of God is the food granted by the Holy Spirit to the Church of Christ, to let her live continually renovated in spiritual youth; practicing no incapacity of old age or perishability. My good Lord gave me the grace, during the last few years, to study the Word of God, as experienced by the fathers of the early Church, as Spirit and Life. I began by going through meditations and interpretations of these fathers, in the hope that we also would live with the Spirit and thought of the early Church; enjoying, by the Holy Spirit, the Word of God active in us, until it raises us up to our heavenly Groom “The divine Word”, who is to come on the clouds, to grant us the fellowship of His glories, and to enter with us into the bosom of His Father, to be eternally with Him in His heavens.

If I did not commit myself, in my interpretation, to the order of succession of the books as they come in the Holy Bible; My goal was not to author a comprehensive series of interpretations, but to enter with every soul into the secret place of the Word, and to enjoy Him as an eternal Groom, who fills the heart and mind and all the inner depths.

Hegomen Tadros Y. Malaty

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